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How to do if the finished product of organic fertilizer granulator becomes rough?

NPK fertilizer granulator is to make fertilizer into granules needed by users, which is convenient for later use or sale of fertilizer. The service life of granulator depends on whether the daily maintenance of the equipment is perfect.

Organic fertilizer can strengthen plants, effectively reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, improve crop yield, and improve the quality of products on the other hand. The new type of organic fertilizer granulator is widely used in organic fertilizer granulation. Due to more granulation rate, stable operation, strong and durable equipment and long service life, it is selected as the ideal product by the majority of users.
organic fertilizer granular

What we should pay attention to is that with the extension of service time, the parts of the organic fertilizer granulator will be worn. If not handled in time, the particle size of the finished product will become larger and coarser, which is not beautiful enough. We need to replace the liner of the granulator. Pay attention to clean the lubricating parts near the outlet of the machine, and make sure that the worn parts are replaced with new ones. The new wear parts must be fixed in the proper position when installing, so as to avoid unnecessary loss caused by looseness. The structure of rotary drum granulator is similar to that of fertilizer granulator, and the routine maintenance method is similar to that of organic fertilizer granulator.

If the daily maintenance work of organic fertilizer granulator is well done, the service life of granulator can be greatly extended. We should cherish the equipment in the process of use, mainly do not let the equipment run idle, pay attention to the temperature change of the equipment, do not overload operation, if there is noise, stop the operation timely, check the fault, and use the equipment after troubleshooting.