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How to treat chicken manure to become high quality organic fertilizer

Chicken manure is a kind of organic fertilizer with high nutrients. After adjusting the moisture content of chicken manure properly, it is fermented with straw, mushroom residue, leaves and other wastes to ensure the normal operation of the fermentation process.

Advantages of organic fertilizer production line in treating chicken manure

treat chicken manure to become high quality organic fertilizer
1. The consumption is saved. The production principle is that chicken manure, bark, sawdust and other difficult to ferment materials, the content of chicken manure should be more, adding starter into the fermentation material can ferment a large amount of waste materials.

2. It's fast. Under normal temperature (15-20 ℃), the temperature rises to 50-60 ℃ after 48 hours, and it can reach 75 ℃ or above in the third day. Under this high temperature, the material can be completely deodorized, fermented and decomposed, and insecticidal and bactericidal processes can be completed after three to seven days after several times of overturning with a dumper, and the temperature is stable at 55-65 ℃.

3. It is widely used. The production process of organic fertilizer can be widely used for harmless and resource treatment of various organic materials, such as livestock manure, crop straw, brewing waste, organic waste, deciduous bark, and other animal and plant wastes, such as the production of various high-grade organic fertilizers, fermentation of amino acid foliar fertilizer, matrix nutrient soil (culture soil, flower soil), cattle and sheep, fish and shrimp, Tenebrio molitor, earthworm, Monopterus albus and other animals Crude fodder, etc. The fermented chicken manure was further made into high quality special fertilizer by NPK fertilizer granulator.