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Working principle of pig manure organic fertilizer crusher

Organic fertilizer crusher, also known as high moisture material crusher, is the machine for crushing raw materials in organic fertilizer production line. The crushing degree can be adjusted within a certain range according to the needs of users. The equipment of organic fertilizer crusher has two-layer pulverizing system, which can make the particle size of crushed materials smaller than 3 mm. Moreover, the requirements for materials are very low, and the moisture range can reach 35%, especially for fermented pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure and other organic matters.

Principle of pig manure organic fertilizer crusher

1. Pig manure organic fertilizer crusher is a professional crushing equipment for crushing high humidity and multi fiber materials. High speed rotating blade is used in the crusher for decomposed materials, which has good fiber size and high grinding efficiency. The crusher equipment is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer. It has good effect in crushing chicken manure, humic acid sodium and other raw materials. The crushed material can be further processed by the fertilizer granulator.

2. The pig manure crusher adopts two-stage rotor, the upper and lower levels of grinding. The material passes through the upper rotor crusher into fine particles, and then it is transported to the lower rotor to continue to crush into fine powder. The best effect of material powder and hammer powder is achieved. Finally, the material is directly discharged from the outlet
pig manure organic fertilizer crusher
3. The pig manure pulverizer equipment does not have a design screen bottom, more than a hundred kinds of materials can be crushed, and will never be blocked. Even if the material moisture is too high, it can be crushed, and it will not be blocked by the crushing of wet materials, causing the motor to burn out. affect production.

4. The pig manure organic fertilizer crusher equipment adopts high-alloy wear-resistant hammers, and the hammers are made of forging, which is particularly strong and wear-resistant, stronger and more wear-resistant than ordinary hammers, increasing the service life of the hammer.

5. The pig manure crusher equipment adopts two-way gap adjustment technology. If the hammer is worn out, it does not need to be repaired. You can continue to use the position of the hammer. Adjusting the gap between the hammer and the liner can control the material size .

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