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Three different organic fertilizer raw material fermentation methods

In the organic fertilizer production process, the first step is to ferment the raw materials. This is a crucial step that will affect the quality of the whole organic fertilizer and will be of great significance to the development of sustainable agriculture. In general, fermentation has the following common ways.


1. Trough aerobic fermentation: This is the most effective method for treating pig manure at present. It is also suitable for the commercial production of pig manure organic fertilizer, which is conducive to standardized production. It uses biological characteristics combined with mechanization technology to completely decompose pig manure with natural microorganisms or inoculated microorganisms and convert organic matter into organic matter, carbon dioxide and water. This method has a short fermentation time, and the pig manure can be completely fermented and decomposed in about 15 days. And easy to achieve factory-scale production, not affected by the weather season, the pollution caused by the environment is small, which is conducive to the commercial production of pig manure organic fertilizer. Depending on the equipment, the width of the fermentation tank is generally 3-20m, the depth is generally 0.8-1.5m, and the length is 50-100m. It can be designed according to the actual situation.

2. Strip-type composting is a pile or strip that grows a mixture of raw materials, which is maintained by manual or compost turning machine periodic stacking with natural ventilation to maintain the aerobic state in the heap and decompose under aerobic conditions. The cross section of the crucible can be trapezoidal, irregular quadrilateral or triangular. The strip type composting fermentation is to spread the materials into rows and stack them in the open air or under the scaffold. The material of each row is 2-3m wide and 1-1.5m high. The length is determined according to the actual situation. The ventilation pipeline can be installed under the material pile. It is also possible to have no ventilation facilities. The characteristics of pig manure treated by strip type composting are that the material can be placed close to the farmland, and the special plant can be omitted, but the treatment time is relatively long. If you use the open air method, it will be affected by the weather season.

3. Closed high temperature fermentation. Livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment can transport up to 80% of the water content of the manure through the conveyor belt to the fermenting drum, after high temperature, aerobic fermentation, one directly to about 30% of safe storage moisture, the whole The process is completed in the fermenter, no odor pollution, thereby reducing the environmental pollution in the drying process to meet the national environmental standards.

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