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Different kinds of screening machine used in fertilizer production

The process by which the broken material is divided into different fractions by one or several layers of sieve is called sieving. The sieving machine utilizes the relative movement of the bulk material and the screen surface to allow some of the particles to pass through the sieve hole, and divide the sand, gravel, gravel and other materials into different levels of vibration screening machinery according to the particle size. The sieving process of the sieving machine is generally continuous. After the sieving material is sent to the sieving machine (referred to as the sieve), the material smaller than the mesh size passes through the sieve hole, which is called the undersize product; the material larger than the mesh size is sieved. The surface is continuously discharged, which is called the product on the sieve.

The vibrating screen uses the vibrating motor as the vibration source, the material enters the feeding hole from the feeder, then the material is thrown up on the screen, and moved forward linearly at the same time. Several kinds of sieves and sifter are produced by the multi-layer screen, and are respectively discharged from respective outlets. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance and so on. The vibrating screen is used for the screening and grading of powdery and granular materials. It is widely used in the production of fertilizer, abrasive, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, grain, and other industries.

The rotary screening machine is commonly use in the fertilizer production, it consists of motor, reducer, and drum device, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet. The material is divided into 1-4 sections from according to different classification requirements, the separation of finished products and return material is controlled according to the size of the material, the precision and efficiency is high. it has strong adaptability to materials, and can be screened for various properties such as viscosity, humidity, dirt and impurities, the feeding way is the artificial way and the mechanical transmission, can realize the scale production. The sieve is made of nylon, stainless steel and manganese steel etc. The sieve hole is not easy to plug, and service life is long. The speed of the rotary screen is low, the operation is smooth and the noise is low. The sieving cylinder is sealed, easy to close and collect dust.