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The necessity of use the pig manure dewatering machine

Pig manure dewatering machine is the key equipment for producing organic fertilizer by using animal manure, such as chicken manure, pig manure, sheep manure, cow manure, manure dewatering screw press, widely used for high humidity and water separation, such as slag, sludge, feces When dehydrated, cow dung can be removed from excess water, greatly reducing the burden on the rotary dryer, greatly increasing the output, significantly reducing energy consumption, and drying under high humidity, such as granulation, fermentation, and crushing.

Characteristics of pig manure dewatering machine
1. The pig manure dehydrator has a reasonable structure, small volume, low speed and high efficiency.
2. The pig manure dewatering machine has a spiral extrusion type with low moisture material, which is evenly dried and continuously operated.
3. High degree of automation, energy saving, easy maintenance, etc.
4. Low power calculation, low input, high efficiency
5. The product has a compact built-in structure
6. The main components are made of stainless steel

Advantages and effects of pig manure treatment:
1. The dry manure separated by dehydration is almost odorless and can be used as organic fertilizer by composting, which has long fertilizer efficiency and stable fertilizer.It supplements the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in the soil, enriches the organic matter of the soil, and overcomes the application of chemical fertilizers to make soil salts.
The shortcomings of alkali boarding have played a role in improving the soil, promoting the development of plant roots and enhancing plant photosynthesis,to improve crop production.
2, at the same time can make feed for fish.
3. The sale of organic fertilizers can have higher economic benefits.