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The price of organic fertilizer equipment depends on the process and model

Processing pig manure organic fertilizer is a good project. It can not only protect the environment, but also recycle and reuse resources, which can generate income for farmers. Tianci factory has been operating organic fertilizer manufacturing process and equipment for many years, and the production equipment is very complete. It has application cases in India, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Vietnam, Kenya, Algeria, Russia and other countries and regions. Let's take you to understand the configuration differences of different processes of organic fertilizer production equipment.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

(1) Equipment required for small pig manure granular fertilizer production line: in addition to the basic equipment required in powder fertilizer, it is also necessary to add organic fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer dryer, organic fertilizer cooler, coating machine, packaging machine, etc. Such a set of equipment, depending on what kind of granulation system, but its price is not high, more affordable.

(2) Equipment required for medium and large-scale organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer manufacturing process: mostly used for professional fertilizer manufacturers. It is characterized by large output, the degree of automation compared with small-sized, and the overall performance of the equipment is also improved. Price of complete set of medium-sized organic fertilizer equipment: 40000-100000 US dollars. The price of the whole set of large-scale organic fertilizer equipment is higher than that of simple fertilizer production line, but the single cost of fertilizer production is reduced.

(3) Small scale pig manure powder fertilizer production line needs equipment: small investment. Common small organic fertilizer equipment: high humidity material crusher, drum screening machine, 3 m, 4 m fermentation compost turning machine, small belt conveyor, packaging machine equipment. Such a set of equipment is suitable for many small farms.

Pig farms, cattle farms, sheep farms, chicken farms need a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment specifications are similar, the specific fertilizer production line depends on the output size and process requirements.