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What are the models of NPK fertilizer granulator equipment

Where is the cheaper organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer granulator? What granulation equipment is needed for the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer? Which fertilizer granulator equipment manufacturer is better? The following Tianci fertilizer equipment manufacturer will take you to know which fertilizer granulator models are there?
NPK fertilizer granulator

The common NPK fertilizer granulator is: disc granulator, drum granulator, roller extrusion granulator, flat die pelleting machine. However, with the market demand, these granulators can not meet customer requirements.

Now, a new type of organic fertilizer stirring tooth granulator is widely used. It does not need to add any fillers and binders, which greatly improves the granulation rate. It is widely used for raw materials, such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, straw, household waste, sludge, humic acid, peat, cake fertilizer, etc., and is suitable for some carbon black and mineral powder which are difficult to granulation Should. For the raw material fineness requirement is not high, generally can granulation when the fineness reaches about 40 mesh, the raw material moisture requirement is not high, the raw material moisture can be granulated in 15-45, the moisture can be adjusted according to the required particle size, greatly reducing the equipment investment.