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Why dry granulation is chosen for the manufacture of NPK fertilizer

Dry granulation is a low-cost fertilizer processing technology instead of wet granulation. In the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer, the dry powder particles are directly rolled to another, resulting in densification. This method is used in environments where the granulation needs to be controlled by moisture and temperature, so not only NPK fertilizer can be produced, but also many materials can be granulated in this way.

Dry granulation is a powder coalescence method used in pharmaceutical industry and chemical fertilizer process to improve the fluidity of powder by increasing particle size. This operation is done using a roller granulator, which can be configured in different configurations and equipment designs. We also provide NPK fertilizer granulator equipment.
dry granulation of NPK fertilizer
The roller granulator provides a powerful dry manufacturing process to produce particles with excellent fluidity. We found that the fertilizer prepared by this method showed better content uniformity, compactness and low brittleness. The use of this method helps to reduce the physical and chemical limitations used to overcome the material.