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Production site planning of organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Taking the manufacturing process of 30000 tons of granular organic fertilizer per year as an example, the production line of 30000 tons of granular organic fertilizer is a medium and large-scale production process. The supporting equipment should be relatively perfect, including fermentation composting equipment, conveyor, pulverizer, mixer, fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, cooling machine, screening machines and packaging machines. The supporting equipment includes forklift silo, belt conveyor, hot blast stove, etc. The organic fertilizer production line design plan includes the following aspects.
Production site planning of organic fertilizer manufacturing process

1. Area of the plant

The plant area has an annual output of 5000 tons of 1200 square meters, 10000 tons of 1800 square meters, and 20000 tons of 3000 square meters. Among them are fermentation workshop, production workshop, finished product workshop, office area, etc.

2. Planning of fermentation workshop

Calculate the area of the fermentation workshop based on the output, determine the size of the fermentation turning machine according to the output, and determine the width and quantity of the fermentation tank according to the size of the compost turning machine.

3. Design plan of production site

The plan design of the production site should be determined according to the equipment size and layout method. Generally, a 5000-ton pellet production line is 500 square meters, 10,000 tons 800 square meters, and 20,000 tons 1100 square meters.

4. Finished product workshop

The situation of finished product workshop is different, because the sales of each customer is different, and the area required for the finished product workshop is not large. A part of space can be reserved according to the actual situation.

How much is the organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment? What are the machines that make organic fertilizer? Through the above mentioned aspects, the design scheme of organic fertilizer manufacturing process has been basically completed.