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Production trend of organic fertilizer for poultry manure treatment

Poultry manure organic fertilizer production line uses straw and pig manure as raw materials to produce organic fertilizer through harmless treatment of pollutants by equipment. The products of the project mainly use chicken, duck, goose, pig and other excrement and crop straw as the main raw materials, use the natural fermentation of microbial flora and organic matter, add a variety of pollution-free additives such as nitrogen releasing agent, organic activator, etc., and make high-efficiency organic ecological fertilizer after scientific treatment of organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
poultry manure organic fertilizer production line

According to the rich wastes of farm breeding and crop straw, straw and pig manure are used as raw materials to convert into organic fertilizer. The compost turning machine is used in the fermentation stage to ensure the smooth progress of oxygen consumption fermentation of raw materials. On site production and digestion not only solve the problem of straw outlet and fecal pollution, but also produce benefits, which can be regarded as an efficient and environmentally friendly ecological development mode.

Regardless of the country, similar regions can also learn from the organic fertilizer production line straw fertilization model to find a way for the comprehensive utilization of straw and farm manure. I believe everyone will understand the development trend of organic fertilizer manufacturing process after reading the above content.