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The Skills Of Choosing the NPK Compound Fertilizer

  The npk compound fertilizer is finished by the high-quality npk compound fertilizer production line, while, about the application of fertilizer, there are some skills of choosing the npk compound fertilizer: the properties of soil and fertilizer, crop varieties, growth period of crop, fertilization method. 
1. Compound fertilizers should be selected according to the properties and science of soil.
  The characteristics of soil are different, the selection of complex fertilizer is different, such as the soil of slightly alkaline, low organic matter content, lack of effective nitrogen and phosphorus, generally want to choose acid nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer, it is advisable to choose ammonium phosphate or humic acid NPK compound fertilizer, nitrogen and phosphorus complex fertilizer; For a small number of red clay or acid brown loam, red soil, it is appropriate to choose chemical alkaline compound fertilizer, such as diammonium phosphate. 
2. Compound fertilizers should be selected according to crop varieties, growth period of crops.
   Different crops have different needs for nutrients. In general, NPK compound fertilizers are used for field crops.NPK (n, p, k) compound fertilizer should be used for wheat or rice with high yield and tons of grain field. Vegetables, especially fruit vegetables and root vegetables and fruit trees and other economic crops need more potassium, should choose high potassium low nitrogen nitrogen phosphate potassium compound fertilizer; Leguminous crops should use the compound fertilizer with high content of phosphorus and potassium. Some cash crops should use ternary compound fertilizer which is suitable for local soil crops or compound fertilizer which contains trace elements.

3. Compound fertilizer should be selected according to the growth period of crops.
  High content compound fertilizer can be selected for long growth period and low content compound fertilizer for short growth period.

4. Compound fertilizers should be selected scientifically according to their properties.
  The content of available nutrients in standard compound fertilizer is 40% in high concentration NPK, 25% in low concentration NPK and 20% in binary NPK, excluding trace elements and medium elements, the content of water-soluble phosphorus is 40% and the content of water is less than 5%. When choose compound fertilizer, besides seeing trademark and nutrient content, still need to notice manufacturer and producing area, in addition the potassium in compound fertilizer has two kinds, one kind is potassium chloride, another kind is potassium sulfate. Where there is no marked "S" on the compound fertilizer bag, the potassium contained is potassium chloride type potassium; Where there is a "S" symbol on the fertilizer bag, that is, the compound fertilizer composed of potassium sulfate.

5. Compound fertilizer should be selected scientifically according to fertilization methods.
   In order to improve the efficiency of compound fertilizer, different dosage forms of compound fertilizer should be selected according to different application methods. Granular compound   fertilizer should be used when base fertilizer is applied, and powder compound fertilizer should be used when top fertilizer is applied, and the water-soluble phosphorus content in the phosphate in the compound fertilizer should be more than 40%.