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When Is Application Time of Organic Fertilizer Commonly?

The effect of organic fertilizer is slow, generally, before sowing or transplanting, the effect of dressing is not as obvious as that of bottom fertilizer.
When Is Application Time of Organic Fertilizer Commonly?For greenhouse growers, organic manure should usually be applied before the soil is sterilized and stuffy:
(1) Not completely decomposed organic fertilizer after stuffy shed treatment will be further decomposed.
(2) The pathogenic bacteria, pests and other harmful microorganisms in organic fertilizer are basically killed after high temperature and stuffed-out treatment, will no longer produce harm to crops.
(3) The expiry of the microbial fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer should also be in the soil stuffy shed before disinfection, in order to prevent contamination after disinfection of soil bacteria.
  How does apply organic fertilizer commonly?

  The main role of organic fertilizer is to improve the soil, so to combine with deep tillage, let the soil and organic fertilizer completely mixed. We can also combine with soil conditioner to better improve the soil environment, balance the nutrition, increase the soil aggregate structure and so on.
  In addition, the quality of organic fertilizer is also the factor,  and the raw material, the equipment and production line in the production process of organic fertilizer. 
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